What You Must Buy at Dollar Tree

I’m a cheapskate we all know that!  And in an effort to save a buck or two or ten I’ve found there are some items that I will ONLY buy at Dollar Tree.  Here are few of the items that are at the top of my Dollar Tree list!
Plastic Table Cloths, Plastic silverware, and paper plates!  These things can be used for their intended purpose or you can use them like I do.  The table cloths are cheap drop cloths for arts and crafts projects with the kids and the colored paper plates get turned into those projects.  Where else can you find colored paper plates for a buck!  Holla!

Water toys, sand toys, outside toys!  I saw a package of sand toys at Wal-Mart for $3.98!  Why pay that when you can pay $1.  And the kids go through this crap so quickly that you shouldn’t spend much to start with.  
Gardening gloves!  At Wal-Mart the cheapest pair I could find was $5.68!  These were of course just $1!

How in the hell are hairbrushes so expensive?  I swear they went up in price during my bald phase!  I about threw up when I saw what they were priced at Wal-Mart.  Now they are on my only from Dollar Tree list!
Kid Shampoo!  I will NEVER spend more than $1 on kid shampoo again!  I swear my kids pour half the bottle down the tub and the other half in the toilet.  Then they use the two drops that are left to wash their hair.  So since they are wasteful little critters they get the $1 bottles from now on!
Movie theater candy!  We have six kids which means we save up and take them to the movies maybe twice a year. And when we do go I’m not paying crazy money for candy!  I swing by the Dollar Tree and stock up before we hit the theater.  
Snack stuff!  It’s not very often that I buy this kind of snack stuff but if I do Dollar Tree is the place to buy it
Geocaching trinkets and cheap toys.  We went to Dollar Tree and spent a whole $3 and are totally stocked up on Geocaching trinkets for quite some time.  I also buy their cheap toys to use as silly prizes for the kids, stocking stuffers, and just little things to get them to be quiet for two whole minutes while I’m on the phone or driving.  

Puzzles!  This is my favorite thing to get at Dollar Tree.  All the kids LOVE puzzles and Dollar Tree has really great kid puzzles.  Seriously they are worth way more than $1.  Every time I’m there I pick up a new one for the kids.  
Gift bags and wrapping paper.  Okay first they are cheap but they are also really cute.  They have a great selection.  I tiny roll of wrapping paper at Wal-Mart was $3.98!  You can get two rolls of wrapping paper, a bag and a card for that price at Dollar Tree!

Party supplies!  Again they have a great selection and they are cheap.  I frequently buy balloons, whistle blowers, etc there just for the heck of it because it’s a cheap way to entertain the kids for a bit.  It makes me sick to think how much I spent on birthday party items in years passed.  Never again!
Save your money and shop at Dollar Tree!  
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    I am also a dollar tree fanatic! Most recently since becoming a new mom, trying to cut corners wherever possible! I found your blog through the blog lovin blog hop, new follower :)

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    I couldn’t agree more in relation to hair brushes. I have course curly hair so I rarely put a comb through my hair for fear of the pain and damage so when I do need a hair brush I’m always disgusted by the prices! My hair is a bit of a monster so even the expensive brushes break after a while so I’ve given up on buying the name brand ones!

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    Sigh – I wish we had a dollar tree in Alaska. We have some lame Dollar Store knock off and it’s terrible. I saw a whole shelf of coffee cups that are originally from Wal-Mart and they were selling them for double the price! Gross.

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    This is a great post!! I’ve never been a dollar store shopper, but after this post, some things are deffinetly worth going and getting. Like the kid shampoo, same with my kids; $5 bottle GONE is just a few days. Good tips :)


    found you through the link party @ Creative Geekery

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