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Redbox Promo Codes 2013

So we all know that I’m always looking to save a buck or two or twenty! It’s just in my blood. If there is a way to save I’m gonna find it. One thing I always save on is renting movies from Redbox. There are tons of promo codes out there that can be used. So really there is no reason to pay full price for a Redbox rental EVER! Here is a list of all the Redbox promo codes I’ve found that have worked for me recently. I have some for free rentals and some for .50 off. Either way you save!

Please keep in mind that these codes are good at the Kiosk only. For some reason promo codes don’t work for online reservations. Also the majority of the codes are usually only good for one use per debit/credit card. The good news is that if you have multiple debit/credit cards you can reuse them several times.

(Updated October 7, 2013)

Promo Codes for Free Rental















WALGREENS (Only works at Walgreens locations)

DVDATWAG (Only works at Walgreens locations)


DVDATKROGER (Only at Kroger locations)



DVDATSONI (Only at Sonic)

Promo Codes for Games

Type the word PLAY and text to 727272 to received a monthly text with a promo code for a free game rental





Promo Codes for .50 off



If you are looking to save money you may want to visit this post to find out how to get promo codes for every online purchase!

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* Leave me a comment and let me know what codes are working for you

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or not. I try to update the list regularly but can’t try every code myself. I just don’t have time to watch that many movies.

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  1. I have tried both of the walgreens codes at my local walgreens and have never been able to use them. I hope its just my walgreens.

  2. Daniela thank you for letting me know! I try to check all the codes frequently but rarely go to Walgreens so haven’t checked that one this month. I’ll add it to my list for this month and make sure I check. Thanks again!

  3. DWTFREE4 works! I used it just now!

  4. Thanks for letting me know! Yahoo!

  5. We used dvdnight last week :D

  6. I tried using them for online reservations, but it said, it has to be used at Kiosk. Does anyone know of any that work with online reservationa? Thanks for the codes, I’m going to try on the next time I go to kiosk.

    • If you are signed up to receive Red box’s weekly news letter (emailed) you are sure to get at least one savings code a week. Sometimes two. I received one today for $1.00 off any 2 rentals. So that is almost like getting one for free. It was for reservations. It did not have a code it just automatically credits $1.00 at check out. That is the only online deal I am aware of. They do that frequently for people that want to reserve. They also have a text club you can sign up for.

  7. Most of these codes don’t work for online reservations. The best way to get codes for those is to sign up for those is to sign up with redbox for text codes. If you text SUPRISE to 727272 they will occassionally text you with promo codes that work online. Hope that helps!

  8. the walgreens and Kroger codes are not working anymore those were 2012 codes as far as i know

  9. I just used the Kroger one on Saturday. I wonder if it’s just at certain locations that they don’t work?

  10. I used dvdonme tonight. Thanks for these.

  11. You are so welcome! I hope you got a great movie!

  12. These codes can be re-used w/different debit/credit cards.

  13. Which one are for games?

  14. Just tried “highfive”, “drivein”, “sweet”, and “popcorn”, and all were rejected. “dvdnight” and “breakroom” worked as usual. Newport News, Virginia.

  15. Robert I just added some promo codes for games! Kristi thank you for letting me know. I’ve removed popcorn from the list as several people have had it not work. Glad DVDnight worked!

  16. just sent text to 727272 with surprise, informed me promotion is over, so shot for the moon, and text dvd night, and they welcomed me to redbox

  17. I just tried several of these codes and they didn’t work at my location.

  18. Not one of these worked for me :-(

  19. LOVE me some Redbox codes! And love sharing money saving tips with my readers. Thank you SO much for linking up at Creative Geekery’s THE Pin It Party. Hope you can swing back next week! Working on a giveaway for bloggers who link up! XO, ellie

  20. I used BREAKROOM today and it worked. Thanks!

  21. Yay! I used DVDONME and it worked!!

  22. Yay! I just used DVDNIGHT and it worked!

  23. Fantastic tips! Thanks for linking up at THE Pin it Party!

  24. None of the games codes worked :/

  25. Tried F2AMA8TG3,LUVREDBOX, and ACT23539…didn’t work.

  26. Went to walgreens and tried every code on your list. Not one worked!

  27. I used DVDnight at Krogers yesterday and it worked

  28. They didn’t work at my walgreens :-(

  29. Game ones don’t work

  30. The following codes didn’t work for me last night:

    DVDNIGHT worked, though Redbox had emailed it to me already–it said it would be valid for two weeks.

  31. *DVDONUS

  32. DVDNIGHT worked.

  33. I just tried using all the codes including walgreens codes at my local walgeeens and none of them worked. It stated invaild promo code.

  34. Anu new code updates for the month of June. I tried all the codes on the list at a 7/11 kiosk. Only breakroom and dvdonme worked.

  35. It seems I cannot use more than one promo code at a time. I tried breakroom, which worked, but wanted to use dvdonme since I have used these before w/ another credit card succesfully. Can 2 promo codes usually be used at one time? Thx so much for sharing these!

  36. Tried every code :-( no luck. Thx anyway.

  37. Just tried movietime, luvredbox, happy1, dvdonus, highfive, and sweet on a friend’s account, and all were declared invalid. Dvdonme still works.

  38. None of the codes worked for me last night when I tried to use them :(

  39. just got this code for $0.50 off 2ZK7HRVD

  40. DVDATSONIC, she put DVDATSONI, she left out the c and no you can only use one promo code per transaction , but do what i do and use multiple transactions

  41. An absolutely without a doubt promo code for free MOVIES & GAMES is the CODE off the 24 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper… NEVER FAILS. have fun and Drink more Diet Dr. Pepper and recycle cans at your local scrap yard.

  42. I tried to use the coupon with a pair of crack for my son however the cashier same it wouldn’t work. She same I had to shop for a high and a bottom however the coupon didn’t specify, simply same a pair of attire things. Anyone else have any problems with the coupon?
    Miss Selfridge discount code

  43. DVDONME still works!

  44. are these codes for canada too







    Tried all these tonight and None of them worked.

  46. last night i am using coupon. Microsoft store promo code discount Amazing! Thank you

  47. dwtfree4 luvredbox happy1 dvdonus movietime rentonme i got nothing from any it

  48. I tried a list of these tonight and none of them worked. :(

  49. Just used dvdonme code and it worked!

  50. I tried a bunch of these and they didn’t work for me):

  51. Dvdnight was also a success!

  52. Good effort to make redbox promo coupon Codes 2013 i agree with your new thinking your offers is really very well with discount you have many coupon codes collection.

  53. Microsoft online Store
    Microsoft Store Promo code where u can get good discounts .
    Microsoft office 365

  54. I just went to my local RedBox at a CVS. The following codes DID NOT work:


    The code DVDONME did work!

  55. DVDNIGHT and DVDONME worked tonight! Thanks!

  56. None of these worked for me at walgreens in ms. :(

  57. None of these codes work at all

  58. Redbox Promo Codes 2013 is really helpful for over all people that does shopping and want to save own money.

  59. I haven’t tried all of these, but breakroom has worked for me before but it wouldn’t take last night. I did use dvdonme last night with no problem, and couldn’t remember the others to try and my phone was dead lol. The dvdtonight one has worked for me recently i was typing it wrong last night as ‘dvdnight’ so idk if it still works

  60. here are 5 codes that work, they were e-mailed to me from red box and you can use them one time with each card enjoy!! qzgr93wv, 2rm4gnht, 6tdgzw79, 7x34tjht, 756wd7tj

  61. I tried all of the above codes on October 13, 2013 and none of them worked.

  62. Does anyone know of 2014 codes?


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